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Quesada Cigars was created on June 8th 1993 by the Quesada Family to provide distribution in the United States for the cigars made in their Matasa factory.  SAG stands for “Sobrinos de Antero Gonzales” or “Descendants of Antero Gonzales,” who was the original member of the family to go into the tobacco business during the 1880’s in Cuba.

Quesada Cigars was originally located in Miami on 4721 SW 74th Ave in Miami, but moved to NW 28th Street in Doral, Fl in 1997 where it remains to this day.   Over the past 17 years, SAG has developed a reputation for quality service and reliability, and remains family owned and operated to this day.


Contact Us:
Phone: 305-267-9717
E-mail:  moc.sragicadaseuq@ecneret

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